VInnovate - call for SMEs

Discover the opportunity to obtain funding of up to 200,000 euros to develop or adopt innovative technologies! The VINNOVATE 2024 call dedicated to SMEs can give you this chance.


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Why should you choose DIZ?

We are a European-recognised digital innovation hub (eDIH) with a large team of specialists in technology, marketing, artificial intelligence, consulting, design and implementation.


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DIZ provides support in the digitization process of the North-East region of Romania, especially for the manufacturing and health sectors and the public sector. From access to a vast innovation ecosystem, the ability to test before investing and finding the right funding for your needs, to digital skills training programs and access to the CTO service for your organization!

Digital Evaluator

With our Digital Maturity Measurement Tool you will be able to
find out your company’s level of digital maturity. The tool is free
and analyses a number of business dimensions, namely: digital strategy
business strategy, digital readiness, level of human-oriented digitisation,
data management, automation and sustainable digitisation.

Healthcare SME

DIZ provides workshops for digital knowledge, collaboration in national and European health projects, and the opportunity to test technologies before investing, tailored to your organization.

Manufacturing SME

DIZ offers services such as testing technologies before investment, assistance in applying for funding, and connections with innovative partners to advance your organization’s digitization.

Public or private healthcare institution

Benefits offered by DIZ include training sessions for digital knowledge, presentation of technologies efficient for the institution’s resources, and support in finding suitable funding.

Technology Companies

DIZ connects you with clients, investors, and tech mentors, while opening doors to funding opportunities. Showcase solutions locally and collaborate with research institutions for specialized resources.



Discover the latest activities and upcoming events of the Digital Innovation Zone!


Discover the latest activities and upcoming events of the Digital Innovation Zone!

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for better business, life and health in the North East Romania region (EDIH)

Funded by the Smart Growth, Digitisation and Financial Instruments Programme 2021-2027, through Action 2.4 Digitisation of SMEs through European Digital Innovation Hubs in Romania (EDIH).

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