Dedicated Service

The European Digital Innovation Centres (eDIHs) offer SMEs and public institutions Access to Finance services, helping beneficiaries to turn their digitalization plans into concrete projects by identifying sources of funding. Beneficiaries can thus take advantage of our network’s expertise to access resources that will help them be more efficient, competitive, inclusive, and innovative in their sector.

From Needs to Plans

We know that digitalization needs are many and complex in any organization, and lack of resources is often cited as the most important reason for not meeting these needs. Because in the absence of funding, a plan is just a wish, we have made it our mission to support digitalization initiatives throughout the entire implementation process. After identifying the right technical solution and developing the knowledge package on how to operate it, access to finance services crowns the journey to digital transformation for any organization.

What do I do if my company does not have the funds to pay an EU funds consultant?

No problem! Join us and learn about the types of funding available, what the steps are to get a grant, what a grant application and business plan are and how to write them, how to prepare budgets and forecasts, and much more. With this knowledge and skill set, you and your colleagues will not only be able to easily identify funding calls you can access, but you will also be able to develop and submit projects on your own. Like all our other services, these training opportunities are available free of charge to SMEs and public institutions working in the manufacturing or health sector.

Non-refundable grants don't meet my digitalization needs, do I still have a chance?

Don’t worry, even if we discover together that no grant funding meets your needs, our team will be there to help you find a financial solution to support your ideas and dreams! Whether we’re talking Venture Capital (VC), bonds, angel investors, derivatives, or secured or subsidized loans, financial instruments are an important and traditional source of capitalization for many successful businesses.

However, my needs are too specific, I need personalised advice.

Our consultants are available, for a limited number of hours, to support you in 1-to-1 sessions to finalize your grant application, especially if the project you are targeting involves R&D-innovation or technology transfer activities. Register now in our beneficiaries catalog and let’s make your digitalization plans a reality together!