Working group for the field of manufacturing

Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) announces the organization of a series of events dedicated to the working group in the field of manufacturing. This initiative underlines our ongoing commitment to supporting innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing sector.

About the manufacturing working group

The manufacturing working group is a recurring event for manufacturing thought leaders and innovators that aims to explore the latest industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Each session will be a unique opportunity to share knowledge, develop new skills and collaborate on innovative projects.

When and where

The working group will meet every two months, with meetings scheduled at specific time intervals.

Events are planned for the following dates:

– 28 May

 – 9 July

 – 17 September,

 – 19 November,

The agenda of events is to be published.

Benefits of participation

Participating in the manufacturing working group offers many benefits, including:

 -Access to the latest information and trends in the manufacturing industry.

 -The opportunity to meet and collaborate with other professionals and leaders in the field.

 -The possibility to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for industry challenges.

 -Improving personal skills and knowledge.