Test before invest

customised consultancy and technology pre-testing in the digital transformation process.

Entrepreneurs have access to the expertise of specialists and benefit from personalized consulting for a sustainable digital transformation process.

Companies and public institutions can test the technologies they would like to use in the business process or incorporate them into the services provided. Furthermore, we provide access to test pilot solutions within the development process.

Teams of robotics, AI, cyber security, IoT, Cloud, VR & AR specialists will guide organizations in the process of integrating these technologies into their products and services.

Assessing your company's digital maturity level

By analyzing digital maturity, entrepreneurs can gain a clear view of the company’s current ability to use digital technologies & data to their advantage.

Creating your digitalization strategy

Creating a digital transformation strategy is not always an easy process for organizations or public institutions, and this is where DIZ specialists intervene.

Technologies offered

From automation process and product innovation to IoT, VR, AR and cybersecurity, we offer a wide range of technologies for you to test.


These are the steps you should follow to benefit from our test before invest services:


Register your company for our services.


You will have a meeting with one of our hub representatives for clarifications.


We proceed further with contractual formalities. 


We evaluate the institution/company’s level of digital maturity.


We outline the digitalization strategy together (workshop 1).


we begin testing and experimenting technologies based on your company’s needs (test before invest).


We continue creating the digitalization strategy based off conclusions from testing stage (workshop 2).


With a hub representative’s help, we’ll proceed further to one of the following services: 

  • Digital Culture & Skills
  • Access to Finance

Digital Evaluator

With the help of our tool, we analyze the current level of digital maturity of the company/organization. Among the analyzed areas are: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-oriented digitalization, data management, automation and sustainable digitalization.

What will it help you with?

  • You will identify and record the current level of digital maturity;
  • You will discover exactly where optimizations are needed;
  • You notice the activities that can be or need to be digitized;
  • You will have a complete and objective picture of your company’s current capacity.

The advantages of this type of assessment

  • Use of an internationally approved and used tool;
  • We will guide and support you throughout the evaluation process;
  • It is the first step towards starting a complex digital transformation process;
  • The tool is applicable to companies in any sector.

Creating the organization's
digitalization strategy

Based on the results of the digital maturity assessment, we will organize two work sessions (workshops) to analyze and outline a personalized digitalization strategy for your company/organization.

Together with the specialists of the Digital Innovation Zone, you will go through the information on what the digital transformation of the organization entails in the short, medium and long term. After the first working session, you will be directed to the “Test before investment” services to explore the technologies relevant to the company’s objectives and choose the most relevant technology scenarios, as well as the types of equipment and data management infrastructures.

These sessions will be specialized for both the manufacturing and health sectors.

After creating the organization's
digitalization strategy, you will have:

●  A better understanding of the types of digital technologies and infrastructures required for your organization.

●  A strategic plan for the digital transformation of the organization, including short, medium and long term objectives.

●  Recommendations of services required by the hub for the digital transformation of the organization, as well as a list of relevant technology providers;

Success stories


You can facilitate increased product quality, reliability and production rate with industrial process automation. Moreover, you can reduce production and design costs by adopting innovative and integrated technologies and services.

The digital twin revolves around creating and using virtual replicas of real systems. It’s valuable in industry for product testing and in healthcare for personalized therapies, reducing invasiveness, and studying diseases, drug interactions, and medical devices.

The adoption of such technologies requires a certain level of preparedness from organizations, involving at least two fundamental dimensions. One is related to increasing awareness/literacy in data matters…

The proposed system consists of a wireless sensor network capable of real-time monitoring of the clinical environment, people’s presence in a room, and their actions. The goal is to target the most common…

In the industrial field, an implementation is carried out for manual control and monitoring of operating parameters in a fleet of autonomous omnidirectional mobile robots using the Hololens 2 mixed reality system.

Among these are web services for patient management (automatic medical record completion, online appointments and consultations, medical service billing), health cloud platforms/services, cloud-based solutions, and more.

The proposed technologies support the exploration and development of innovative medical devices through a design thinking approach. They also contribute to understanding the advantages of additive manufacturing with the potential to…

Identity verification is a critical aspect in all sectors. Medical service providers, institutions, or factories can ensure better security of patient, citizen, or product information and their pathways.

The second 5G laboratory in Romania, created by Orange in collaboration with Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi and Continental, is available as a testing platform within Digital Innovation Zone.

TUIASI has implemented an institutional cloud system within the project “Collaborative environment for the development of OpenStack-based cloud architectures with applications in CDI” in the TUIASI Data Center, as well as a lab at the research of cloud technologies in the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation.

Other Services