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For Digital Innovation Services

Digital Innovation Zone EDIH offers innovation and digitisation support services with an added value and transparent pricing structure. You can select from here exactly the services your organisation needs as part of its digitisation or innovation process. 

Find out below if you qualify to access these services for free.

Innovation Ecosystem

Digital Resources Report

We provide specific reports, on request, for technological fit and support in the efficient use of resources regarding investments in technology providers, digital experts, access to mentors, etc.

150 €

Test before invest

Digital Feasibility Study




IT Audit Report

Light – The IT Audit Report involves assessing the impact on DESI indicators post-implementation. 

Medium – The IT Audit Report involves assessing the impact on post-implementation DESI indicators. 

Complex – Raportul de Audit IT implică evaluarea impactului asupra indicatorilor DESI post-implementare.

Detailed Technical Analysis (DTE)

Light – Based on the results and conclusions of the visioning service, we do a detailed analysis of technical needs and requirements, readiness for digitization, and demonstration of standard technology solutions (DTE light) to identify the best solutions and pave the way for technology implementation.

5,450 €

Full – With access to infrastructure and experts, you will be able to rapidly prototype, validate products and/or services, and test innovative digital equipment. Includes DTE Light + technical design and preliminary experimentation of use case solutions to ensure successful technology implementation.

15,000 €

Demonstration Activities - Awareness raising

We conduct workshops on KET technology: presenting technology, benefits, and case studies. Multiple workshops will be presented in a single event.

2,500 €

Digital Maturity Evaluation Package

The digital maturity assessment is a process that takes place at the beginning of our collaboration, after 12 months, and after 36 months.


Visioning for Digital Transformation

We organize interactive workshops based on the industry sector, business needs analysis, and the initial co-design of the digital transformation journey.

2,500 €

Digital Culture and Skills

Micro-Trainings on Digital Literacy & Culture

This service is available for the manufacturing and healthcare sectors and includes training on project management, new ways of working, web development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, IoT, digital stack. The price is per participant.

  • ½ workshop

200 €/participant

  • 5-day long workshops

1,000 €/participant

Digital Innovation School

This program takes place over a period of 6 months and aims to prepare employees of SMEs for internal digital transformation implementation. It includes:

  • Digital HR: pskilling HR professionals in the digital world (internal ways of working).
  • Digital Growth: upskilling for digital transformation (digital innovation specialists).

3,000 €/participant

Access to finance

Grant readiness preparation training

You will learn how to develop your own funding projects or apply for grants.

3,300 €

Investment readiness training

We will offer you support for the presentation to investors, this includes preparation for the project presentation, coaching for the team, etc.

3,300 €

Digital Business Model Development

Customized services in the form of a minimum 6-month consultancy assignment, which involves assessing the current business model. We then develop a customer-centric digital strategy that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives, identifying priority digital channels that are most effective in reaching and engaging target customers.

11,400 €

Dezvoltarea Modelului de Afacere Digital

This service is available upon request for customized inquiries (CTO-as-a-service). The price is per hour.”

100 €/hour

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