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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Iași, Romania, Beenear is a major player in the IT&C market, offering software development services globally. The company is known for building long-term partnerships with major software development and solution providers. Their expertise spans diverse sectors including retail, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, law and advertising. Beenear emphasizes strong client relationships, innovation, leadership and teamwork, with a constant focus on professional development to meet and exceed client requirements.

“Ștefan cel Mare” University (USV) from Suceava is an innovative and diversified public institution of higher education, offering academic programs in various fields. Known for its patents and inventions, USV has been actively contributing to regional development and cross-border relations between Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova since its establishment in 1963.

“Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău focuses on teaching and research activities, addressing regional needs and promoting collaborations with the academic, economic and social environment, both nationally and internationally. The university trains students in fundamental fields and offers undergraduate programs. Graduates are trained through accredited master’s and doctorate university programs. The university also offers postgraduate education, postdoctoral programs and continuing professional education courses for adults.

Raisis Software specializes in consulting and professional software development services, as well as in the implementation of solutions for the digital presence of companies on the Internet. We provide specialized consulting for the optimization and digitization of internal and operational processes of organizations. Our portfolio includes various software products, including SaaS, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, ERP, CRM, WMS and SFA systems, developed for our clients, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) project and up to Enterprise solutions.

ICONIC cluster encourages cooperative activities, we connect you with other companies and facilitate intensive knowledge exchange. Our stated objective is to increase the competitiveness and dynamism of our partners and to promote the exchange of experience, the accumulation of know-how and collaboration. We work closely with partners in education, business and politics.

The Heaven Solutions team, composed of experienced IT and business specialists, is based on long-term relationships and international expertise. They collaborated with a dental client, developing an innovative 3D application. Over time, the technology became outdated, affecting performance. Heaven Solutions stepped in as a trusted partner, improving the efficiency of the medical application, ensuring functionality and continued success.

Codecamp started in 2008, as an answer to the growing demand of the early IT community for a place where they could share ideas and grow. Now, Codecamp has become one of the reference IT events in Romania, staying true to its core value: inspiring and helping software developers become better.

bioROne is the first biotechnology project in North-East Romania, connecting the academic community, industry and government. Founded by 12 selected members, including top universities, research centers and strategic partners, bioROne aims to maximize innovation in North-East Romania and facilitate development from idea to product.

The national FACTORY 4.0 initiative positions itself as a catalyst in the Romanian market for training and consultancy in the field of digital transformation. We have developed innovative training programs that include the latest concepts and technologies within an ecosystem that unifies the area of training, consulting and implementation of solutions through strategic partnerships with recognized technology providers.

C&A CONNECT is a company founded in 2007, whose main activity is the distribution of video games, in the form of CD-keys and the classic DVD format. Over the years, it has become increasingly well-known on the market, becoming one of the top companies in the sector. The company aims to continue to grow and to offer the best and most comprehensive service to its customers.

Goodwill Consulting’s 13 years of experience in SME development combined with the most innovative IT technology: Robotic Process Automation by UiPath gave birth in 2020 to the new integrated process analysis and robotic automation service. With our RPA solutions, we guarantee a faster, more efficient, more economical, and more profitable operation of the company, and at the same time, we contribute to increasing employee motivation by removing the “robot” from their daily work.

Quartz Matrix is a Romanian technology and engineering company present for 28 years in the Romanian Business-to-Business market. Quartz Matrix responds to challenges with innovation, requirements with performance, and demands with efficient solutions whether in the IT, cloud, electrical, electronic, educational, fire safety, software development, or maintenance fields. For these reasons, Quartz Matrix partnerships are always long-lasting and based on trust and meticulous adherence to contracts.

All of EBS Integrator’s energy is focused on delivering outstanding digital experiences for each and every stakeholder, in a timely manner.

Expertware is, since 2006, a disruptive consulting company with a vision to rapidly add value to clients’ Infrastructure and IT solutions by improving and optimizing the overall IT landscape: processes, applications, and infrastructure; providing strategic roadmaps to embrace and harvest new technologies, rapidly aligning infrastructure to business goals; evolving traditional IT landscapes to new models: new hybrids, interconnected SaaS, BI, and Analytics; efficiently completing complex projects spanning different technologies on time and at competitive budgets.