#Imblânzim Tehnologia webinars

Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) announces the organization of the webinar series “Imblanzim Tehnologia”, an initiative designed to highlight the latest innovations and technological advances in the fields of production and health. Through this recurring webinar, we want to provide an interactive platform where professionals can learn how to effectively integrate technology into their daily activities, thereby improving both operational efficiency and quality of life.

About the Webinar

#Îmblânzim tehnologia is more than just a webinar; is a learning community that aims to decipher technological complexity and make innovation accessible to all. Each session will cover specific topics with a particular focus on the areas of production and health.

Calendar of events

The webinar series will take place online on the following dates:

20 June21 November
25 July19 December
29 August
26 September
24 October

Webinar time slot: 15:00 – 16:30.

Benefits for participants

By joining the #Îmblânzim tehnologia webinar, you will have access to:

 -Presentations from recognized experts in technology, manufacturing and health.

 -Interactive discussions that allow you to ask questions and get answers in real time.

 -The opportunity to connect and collaborate with other professionals with similar interests.

 -Valuable resources to help you implement

Recording webinars #Îmblânzim tehnologia