Innovation ecosystem


European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIHs) act as facilitators, bringing together industries, businesses, and administrations in need of new technological solutions with businesses, startups, and SMEs that have market-ready solutions.

The Innovation Ecosystem service within an eDIH provides access to a digital innovation network at both regional and national, as well as European levels. Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) can be seen as a network of networks, aiming to facilitate contact between organizations in need of digitization (SMEs & public institutions in manufacturing and healthcare) and the right solution providers.

What if I don't know exactly what my company's digitization needs are?

We have an online tool to help you identify your company’s level of digitization. At the end of the test, you’ll have the results for each digital dimension and the ability to compare yourself with similar entities in your industry.

After completing this self-assessment, we will help you define your short, medium, and long-term digitization needs and assist you in finding the best solutions!

What services can the
ecosystem provide?

You can participate in events, matchmaking activities, and partnerships in national and EU markets.

You have access to collaboration platforms for joint projects with partners in the same industry across the European community.

You can take part in workshops presenting successful case studies of companies in the same industry that have successfully improved competitiveness through digitization.

Participate in webinars or offline events with other representatives of traditional SMEs who have successfully implemented digital solutions.

Access a curated list of trusted digital solution providers with whom you can collaborate effectively.

Access economic missions and national and international events dedicated to your industry sector.

You can connect with experts in the technology industry who can guide you in scaling your solutions.

Facilitation of contact with potential investors and funders.

Connections to the EIC/EIT ecosystems

Access to networking events and demo days to promote solutions to potential users.

The opportunity to become an active DIZ member.

Access to economic missions and national and international matchmaking events with potential clients or partners.

Promotion of products and solutions in the supplier catalog, a highly tailored online catalog that puts solution providers in the spotlight in the digital transformation process.

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