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About Digital Health Uptake

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is a project funded by the EU within the Digital Europe Programme. The aim of Digital Health Uptake is to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, tools and activities to promote the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe.


To monitor and analyze the adoption and use of digital health and care solutions in regions, Member States and associated countries.

Creating an environment of cooperation and active stakeholder input that facilitates regular exchanges between the demand side and the supply side to stimulate the cross-border expansion of digital health solutions and services.

Strengthening capacity for implementation/adoption by identifying and qualifying relevant tools and methods, providing guidance, stimulating mutual learning and transfer of innovative practices between regions, Member States and associated countries to encourage adoption, scale-up, large-scale implementation and capacity building.

Expanding digital health solutions and practices

DHU will provide comprehensive support to accelerate the sustainable adoption, use and expansion of digital solutions. Concrete services will include Twinning activities between organizations, regions and countries; providing technical support and training for the use of extension tools; and expanding the digital health ecosystem. The DHU will also play a key role in building the capacity and skills of all stakeholders – from patients to healthcare professionals and healthcare managers, innovators and policy makers – to enhance their ability to be an active and informed part of an inclusive and trusted organization.

Welcome in Smart Hospital Twinning

Smart Hospital project, supported by Digital Health Uptake, is dedicated to funding a Twinning mechanism that supports the replication and scale-up of successful digital health and care solutions in Europe. This strategic initiative facilitates the transfer and implementation of innovative practices, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange between regions with the period of February 12, 2024 to August 9, 2024.

DIZ within the project

Our mission is to develop and implement advanced technological solutions that optimize healthcare and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovations in this sector. Through this collaboration, we will create a bridge between Smart Hospital’s innovative technologies and the specific needs of our community. We will also share our experience and contribute to the improvement of the Smart Hospital network, bringing benefits to both our community and the healthcare users.

Program objectives

Expanding the Smart Hospital network

We focus on understanding and implementing the Smart Hospital network in our local context, in North-East Romania, to improve our health services.

Sharing experience and expertise

For validated start-ups, the next step was to connect with other ecosystems within EIT Health to expand and amplify their impact in the healthcare industry.

Adapting innovative solutions

Through Twinning, we have the opportunity to adapt and integrate Smart Hospital’s innovative solutions within our local projects, ensuring that they meet the specific needs of our community.

Access to advanced medical innovations

Through the Smart Hospital interactive platform, the community in North-East Romania will have access to the latest medical innovations and health technologies.

Solutions adapted to local needs

Using the Smart Hospital as an interactive platform, the Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ EDIH) will be able to adapt innovative solutions to the specific needs of the region, ensuring that they are relevant and effective.

Immediate feedback from local users

Through direct interaction with local users, the DIZ EDIH team will benefit from immediate feedback on the products and services implemented within the Smart Hospital, ensuring that they meet the requirements and expectations of the community.

Development of local capacities

By contributing to the improvement of the Smart Hospital network, the North-East region of Romania will develop and strengthen its capacities in the field of digital health, contributing to the modernization of the medical infrastructure.

Active participation in increasing the quality of health services

By providing feedback and local experience, DIZ EDIH will directly contribute to increasing the quality of Smart Hospital products and services, ensuring that they are adapted to the specific needs of the community in the North-East region of Romania.

Engagement opportunities for local professionals and innovators

Members from the North-East of Romania will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the Smart Hospital network, contributing to the evolution of the project and shaping the future of health in the region.

Benefits for the North-East Region

Program stages

Strategy Building and Researching
March 11 - May 13
Reporting, Workshop Organization and Dissemination
February 12 - March 8
Network Building and Feedback Collection
May 14-August 9

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