Digital Innovation Zone launched the 2nd call for accessing 100% non-refundable state aid, intended for digitalization and innovation for SMEs in the North-East Region.

DIZ will select a minimum of 60 SMEs, with priority in the fields of health and/or production, or that develop innovative solutions that are applicable in these fields.

SMEs will benefit, for 6 months, from express services for digitization and innovation worth a maximum of 30,000 euros (consulting services and innovation support services).

Express service packages represent the selection of a maximum of 4 services from the list of support services for innovation and digitization, made according to the various beneficiary profiles by the Digital Innovation Zone team. The services are selected to meet the needs of a specific target group as effectively as possible. The express service package does not include the 3 digital maturity audits that are mandatory.

Who can apply?

Any SME in the North-East Region that meets the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Applicant’s Guide.

The documentation attached to the guide, respectively annex 2, is informative and will be completed and signed by the legal representative during the application phase and/or no later than before contracting.

How can you apply?

The application consists of filling out the Expression of Interest form online, which will help us get to know both you and the digitalization and innovation ambitions in the company, in order to figure out if and how we can help you through our services.


Within the form:

a) you will select the package of express services that suits you, depending on those available at the time of application;
b) you will attach the declarations (Annex 2 to the Guide) completed by the legal representative, which attest to the eligibility of your organization according to Chap. 1.1 of the applicant’s guide and the excel file completed with the data for the 2023 balance sheet (or the 2023 annual balance sheet with the submission receipt).

Express service packages

Digitalization program for medical clinics

Digitization solutions can be tested during the entire contract period.


This package supports medical and dental clinics to improve the efficiency, security and accessibility of the services offered, through a completely free digitization program.


Package value: The whole package is valued at 23,600 EURO, but it is offered free of charge to medical and dental clinics in the form of state aid for innovation and digitization by DIZ.

Services provided in this package

Service 1

100% digitized clinic (software solution).

Service 2

Two applications to choose from among the 5 modules (automation, telemedicine, etc.) from the Romsoft service catalog.

Service 3

Cyber ​​security course for medical personnel (maximum 5 employees – 1/2 day).

Service 4

Support for accessing funding for digitization (IT technical specifications, identification of funding calls).

Support services for access to VInnovate financing

Digital Innovation Zone offers you free access to a support service package, specially designed for all stages of application preparation.


How do you apply to the VInnovate call?


Step 1: apply to the call PACHETE DE SERVICII EXPRES DEDICATE IMM-URILOR offered by DIZ, in which you will benefit from express services necessary to apply to the call VInnovate (see below the list of services you can benefit from).


See above how to apply for the call offered by DIZ (section How can you apply?).


Step 2: if you have been selected/declared eligible in the DIZ call (at the time of the opening of the VInnovate call, October 2024) you will be able to submit the funding application through which you can obtain up to 200,000 euros.

Services provided in this package

Service 1

Technology maturity assessment (TRL) brief report.


A report that will confirm the eligibility for the call (TRL 6-8) but which will also form the basis of the argumentation of the request for funding in PR) +DTE light;


Evaluation of the level of technological maturity (TRL) – detailed report – made by an academic expert – will also be useful for application in national / regional calls for CDI).

Service 2

Digital resource platform (gateway) report (a short list of potential partners from the other Vinnovate regions – profile in the Gateway and other tools made available online by Vinnovate)+ International Tech Synergy Services (international matchmaking).

Service 3

• A2F:


Grant readiness – workshop for completing the fitform;


Grant readiness ws for the development of the business plan;


Grant readiness ws – mentoring and consulting for access to financing.

Service 4

A2F Digital Business Model development (custom service) – creation of the business model to apply to the call when it opens in October 2024, based on the call template.

Digital innovation made in North East: The transformation program for IT providers

Dedicated to IT solution providers, this package worth over 20,000 EURO is offered free of charge in the form of state aid.


Digital transformation: Develop customized technology solutions for the North East and benefit from a clear vision for the digital transformation of your business.

Demonstration Workshops: Showcase your technology solutions in Key Technology Oriented Workshops (KETs), interacting directly with potential customers and demonstrating the benefits to them.


Partnership Support: Establish strategic alliances and access new markets through technology transfer initiatives and collaborative projects, with support in structuring and negotiating agreements.


Matchmaking: Connect with potential clients through 10 matchmaking sessions tailored to your needs, increasing the chances of successful collaborations.

Services provided in this package

Service 1

Visioning for Digital Transformation: Development of technological solutions Made in Nord Est.

Service 2

• Demonstration Workshops: Organizing key technology (KET) workshops where local technology providers can present their solutions, use cases and benefits to potential customers.


These workshops, tailored for specific sectors, provide an excellent platform to demonstrate capabilities and interact directly with interested businesses.

Service 3

• Partnership Development Support: Facilitating the development of partnerships through technology transfer initiatives and collaborative projects.


This service helps local technology providers establish strategic alliances, allowing them to co-develop solutions and access new markets. It also includes support in structuring and negotiating partnership agreements.

Service 4

• Matchmaking Package: Offering a package of 10 matchmaking sessions specifically designed to connect local technology providers with potential customers and use cases.


These sessions can be tailored to match suppliers with businesses that have specific needs aligned with the supplier’s expertise, thereby increasing the chances of successful collaborations.

Business model innovation program

Transform your business and reap the benefits of digitization with our complete package of services for SMEs, worth more than 25,000 EURO provided free of charge in the form of state aid.

Why choose this package?


Customized for your needs: Solutions and initiatives adapted specifically to your business, for business innovation and digitalization.

Complete support: From assessment and planning to implementation and skills development.


Valuable Connections: Access to experts, mentors and cutting-edge technology.

Services provided in this package

Service 1

Includes three workshops for SME digitization discovery and planning.

During these workshops, a detailed assessment of the current state of the business is carried out, including existing processes and technology infrastructure. Digital opportunities are identified and a list of customized initiatives is created, prioritized by impact, effort and feasibility.


Outputs include a high-level roadmap/action plan, full documentation of findings and a comprehensive post-workshop report.

Service 2

Agile People Development – ​​international certification program for agile leaders.


These workshops, tailored for specific sectors, provide an excellent platform to demonstrate capabilities and interact directly with interested businesses.

Service 3

• Matchmaking – 10 matchmaking sessions with potential technology providers, mentors and use cases.


It facilitates connections with the right partners and resources, helping entrepreneurs effectively leverage external expertise and technologies to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Service 4

• 1 technology course of your choice from the course catalog.

Important dates

The call is launched on 15 JUNE 2024 and will be open until 31 DECEMBER 2024. During this time, the DIZ team will be in constant contact with everyone who wants to know more information about the call, as well as answer any questions question that might arise along the way.

Launching the selection call

JUNE 15, 2024

Closing the selection call

DECEMBER 31, 2024

Desfășurarea interviurilor de selecție:

Evaluation of applications (on a first-come-first-served basis)

JUNE 15 – DECEMBER 31, 2024 on a first-come, first-served basis

Publishing results

Ongoing, as assessed and contracted, no later than JANUARY 15, 2025

Appeals and settlement

3 days after receiving the evaluation result, no later than JANUARY 18, 2025

Publishing the final beneficiaries list

JANUARY 20, 2025

Contracting Digital Innovation Zone Customers (Beneficiaries)

Ongoing until funds are exhausted, no later than FEBRUARY 15, 2025
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