Process Automation

Test before invest

The industry has become increasingly competitive, which is why organizations need to stay up-to-date and offer high-quality products at a competitive price. To meet these challenges, it is ideal to consider different new product designs and integrated manufacturing techniques through the use of automated machinery.

This is where process automation comes in. Automation facilitates increased product quality, reliability and production rate. All this while significantly reducing both design and manufacturing costs by adopting innovative and integrated technologies and services.

Industrial automation can be defined as the use of established technologies and automatic control devices that result in the automatic operation and control of industrial processes without significant human intervention. Industrial automation systems can be very complex, having many devices working in sync with automation technologies.

Our specialists have expertise and advanced technical knowledge on this subject. Thus, we can offer consultancy for the implementation of automatic control systems, specific to each individual production process.

The first time we start from an analysis of needs through a diagnosis and propose customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Choice of field equipment (sensors, execution elements);
  • Adoption, parameterization and programming of control equipment;
  • Implementation of the supervision and control level of production with the help of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems;
  • Integration of automated intralogistics systems for the warehouse;
  • Consultation for the smart building concept implementation – BMS;


Logistics 4.0

We offer consultancy in the field of integrating computer vision systems into production processes with the aim of minimizing human operator intervention, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing production costs.

Computer Vision

Oferim consultanță în domeniul integrării sistemelor de viziune computerizată în cadrul proceselor de producție cu scopul minimizării intervenției operatorului uman, optimizării eficienței operaționale dar și reducerea costurilor de producție.

Supervisory Control
& Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Through SCADA systems, we can control system architecture, network data communications, and graphical user interfaces for high-level oversight of machines and processes.

We provide SMEs with guidance and support in the development of algorithms, procedures and support platforms for the implementation of intelligent control systems.

Among the benefits of this technology are improved production flexibility and adaptability to unforeseen events, improved production efficiency and quality, process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Moreover, SMEs will be able to access a platform for:

  • Design and implementation of digital twins for robotic systems;
  • Design, implementation and testing of control algorithms for complex processes (classical approaches such as PID, IMC, GPC, etc. and techniques based on artificial intelligence);
  • Implementation of control algorithms on standard computing systems and mobile computing systems;
  • Design, implementation and testing of virtual monitoring, tracking and analysis algorithms;
  • Design, Implementation and Validation of Image Recognition Algorithms for Voice Control, Autonomous Mobile Robots and Visual Inspection.

We also design and prototype smart sensor-based customized solutions for quality control based on condition monitoring, equipment usage and visual inspection. But we design and prototype SW for production line testing and quality checking (electronics, mechanical), intelligent asset management (real-time tracking & monitoring) and inventory management.