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What is Digital Innovation Zone?

Digital Innovation Zone is the first Digital Innovation Hub in North-East of Romania, a not-for-profit organisation and a community of people, businesses, startups, education, research & innovation organisations willing to collaborate and step even further into the digital world.

  • Build a place where you can find all the resources that will help your business become more COMPETITIVE, INNOVATIVE, DIGITAL, AGILE
  • Become a business growth enabler
  • Strength the innovation ecosystem
  • Help SMEs to grasp the digital opportunities providing access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology, business and financing support to implement these innovations.
  • Offer them access to different sectors of activity through clusters
  • Create and implement regional strategies along with our partners

We can help with

Specialised Diagnose and Analysis services

Innovation Tracks Solution Oriented Process

Acces to funding

Support for the creation and implementation of infrastructure projects

Knowledge and know-how transfer

Networking activities, workshops for digitization in collaboration with others sectors

Digital Skills Trainings

Experiences, best practices, data and studies

Business links, business networking

Internationalization services

Digital Transformation Process

an opportunity to scale-up your business and become more competitive

The process is based on a globally validated framework, proven to double the efficiency of the innovation process in a structured way.

The pilot project targets 5 companies from 5 different sectors.

Stage 1 - Diagnosis and analysis

Using established tools for diagnosis and analysis to diagnose the current situation of the company

Stage 2 - Process of discovering

In a framework conceived in 4/5 workshops and a Hackathon to discover 3 business cases, documented and validated by specialists.

Stage 3 - Matchmaking

Matchmaking needs with global resources based on the business case 100% tailor-made Funding sources (private or public); (Inter)national partners; Tech & Digital Solutions; Training for missing competences

Stage 4 - Implementation

Assistance for the implementation process On demand we offer: Project management, Custom made road maps, Coaching & Mentoring for milestones achievement, for the chosen business case incubation



„Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi

„Gh. Asachi” Tehnical University of Iasi

University of Bacau

University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa”

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

„Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Innovative Regional Cluster for North-East Molecular and Structural Imaging IMAGO-MOL

Regional Innovation Cluster EURONEST IT&C

The innovative cluster specialized in bio-biotechnology

Bacau Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași

Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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