The European Commission has included North-East Romania as part of the Regional Innovation Valleys (RIVs) initiative. RIVs is described as a key element of the New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) and aims to improve innovation and competitiveness in Europe by encouraging collaboration between different regions.

Digital Innovation Zone, the North-East Regional Development Agency (ADR) and the North-East Regional Innovative Molecular and Structural Imaging Cluster (IMAGO-MOL) are to be involved in the PRECISEU project financed by the RIVs initiative and aims to connect innovation ecosystems from Europe to effectively advance towards personalized healthcare, transferring practices and solutions from one region to another and expanding healthcare innovations.

About Regional Innovation Valley

The Regional Innovation Valley (RIV) is a designated area in Europe that focuses on improving its research and innovation (R&I) ecosystem.

The main objectives of RIVs are:

– Strengthening regional research and innovation ecosystems by encouraging collaboration between key innovation actors.
– Improving the coordination and directionality of research and innovation policies and investments towards key EU priorities.
– Promoting interregional collaboration through complementary intelligent specializations (S3).

RIV aims to reduce the innovation gap by connecting regions with different levels of innovation capacity. This collaborative approach ensures that all regions can contribute to and benefit from advances in technology and innovation.

Regional Innovation Valley benefits

Improved innovation ecosystems: by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Targeted investments: the initiative aligns regional policies and investments with critical EU priorities, ensuring efficient use of resources.
Addressing societal challenges: RIV focuses on solving significant challenges, such as reducing dependence on fossil fuels, increasing food security, improving digital transformation, improving healthcare and promoting circularity.
Economic growth and competitiveness: by encouraging innovation, RIVs contribute to sustainable economic growth and increase the competitiveness of European regions on a global scale.
Community building and networking: The initiative includes community building activities, matchmaking events and targeted communication actions, creating strong innovation networks.

Through the collaboration of organizations such as DIZ-NE, NERDA and Imago Mol, the region will play an important role in addressing key EU priorities and stimulating technological progress.