Expertware: Innovation and experience in cybersecurity

As part of the MERIT project, DIZ presents a series of interviews on cybersecurity with Tiberiu Baraboi, co-founder and CTO of Expertware, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in this field.

Topics covered in the interviews include:

– The importance of continuous learning and innovation

– Universities as catalysts for innovation in cybersecurity

– The role of SMEs in cybersecurity research and development

– The skills gap in cybersecurity

According to Expertware‘s co-founder and CTO, to stay ahead in cybersecurity, continuous learning and ongoing knowledge updates are crucial to effectively combat evolving threats. Collaboration between universities, SMEs, and the public sector is encouraged to drive innovation in cybersecurity and foster a robust ecosystem in this domain.

Furthermore, the interviews highlight the skills gap in cybersecurity and underscore the importance of a strong IT knowledge foundation before specializing in this field, to prepare professionals to handle the complex challenges of cybersecurity.

By watching the interviews below, you will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Part 1: Tiberiu Baraboi and his work and experience in cybersecurity

Part 2: Roles of Universities, EDIHs & SMEs in driving innovation

Part 3: Specific advanced digital skills in high demand in industry

Part 4: How to keep your Cybersecurity Skills updated

Part 5:  Strategy for up wide adoption of cybersecurity

Part 6: Coming out soon!