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A European hub for a digitized region.

EDIH-DIZ (European Digital Innovation Hub – Digital Innovation Zone) is the only European Digital Innovation Hub, in the North-East region, which helps you to digitalize, through a package completely adapted to your needs: digitization services and processes, sources of funding, specialist support, educational information. Find more here.

We are part of the European network EDiH (European Digital Innovation Hubs Network) from October 2022, counting us among the first such hubs in Europe. As part of this prestigious network, we support the achievement of the objectives of the Digital Decade 2030 by:

  • accelerating the digital transformation of the public and private sectors;
  • ensuring that 90% of European SMEs have at least a basic level of digital maturity;
  • creating new value chains and collaboration.

DIZ: Community Impact Award at the Tech PIN Industry Awards 2023.

This award is a confirmation of the value and impact we bring together in the North-East region of Romania and encourages us to continue digitizing the region and providing the necessary support to the #production and #health industry. See the list of nominees and winners here.

Have you signed up to the supplier catalog?

It is an excellent resource both for those who want to associate their solutions with the most impactful project in the digitalization of the Northeast region, but especially for those who need to find, in one place and with the guarantee of quality, support solutions ( products, services, know-how) that can help them in the innovation and digitization process.

Registering in the catalog is free, and you can find more about the necessary steps Here.

DIZ was present at two international conferences for digital innovation hubs.

Also in May 2023, our colleagues Cristina Baghiu and Ana Ciobanu represented DIZ at the DIH2 and BOWI conferences. We learned about new digitization opportunities that we can bring to the region with the help of the European network and, above all, we were inspired by the services that other European hubs already offer to SMEs and public institutions in their area.

HIZ by DIZ: We launched the first innovative solutions pre-validation program in the region, supported by EIT Health.

Health Innovation Zone (HIZ) is the first program to pre-validate healthtech solutions, developed with the help of experts and mentors from EIT Health and partner Universities: Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iași and Gr.T.Popa Iași University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

You can enroll in this 6-month program if you have a team with an idea at least at the prototype stage and need the support of DIZ mentors and testing facilities.

Don’t have a team but want to contribute to the innovation of the medical system? Become a DIZ expert, tell us how you can help the teams participating in the program with your experience and skills, and we’ll even help you find your place in a team. What do you have to gain? Hands-on experience in the first international program of its kind, innovation, and digitization expert practice within the DIZ ecosystem and, why not, long-term collaboration in other projects. More details on the application process and how it works schedule: here

Financing opportunities for innovative projects.

With the help of the international networks we are part of, we have selected some interesting opportunities for financing innovative projects, from various fields, from the textile industry, production, to energy or deep tech. See if something suits you, but it’s easier to discover together how you can implement your project idea. Contact us at for a free* 30-minute meeting to assess the feasibility of your idea.

1st xBUILD-EU call for proposals for Innovate, Global and Digital and Green grantsTextile
20.000 Euro/ SME

35.000 Euro/ SME

25.000 Euro/ SME
NGI Search 2nd Open CallNext generation internet50.000 – 150.000 EURO1.06.2023
Dimofac projectManufacturingUP TO 80.000 EURO20.06.2023
InterConnect Demonstrators of Energy Applications Open CallEnergyUP TO 100.000 EURO26.06.2023
Pulsate 2nd AdoptersManufacturingUP TO 25.000 EURO30.06.2023
Target-xArtificial Inteligence/ RoboticsUP-TO 60.000 EURO26.07.2023
Call for new XpanDH associated partnersDigital HealthPARTENERIAT4.09.2023

An innovative product dedicated to car dealers: RaisisAutoCRM

We have a new partner in DIZ: Raisis Software, an innovative company from the Northeast region that we are proud of. Their portfolio includes solutions for the optimization / digitalization of internal processes and operational flows of companies, as well as a series of software products (SaaS, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, WMS, SFA) developed custom-made, in all business stages: to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Enterprise solutions. The RaisisAutoCRM product dedicated to car dealers is presented in detail in this blog article. For the DIZ ecosystem, Raisis offers this product with the option of 2 months free from the first year’s subscription.