Healthcare Working Group – First Meeting

On May 25th, the first meeting of the Working Group in the field of private medical services took place in the premises of MAVIS – Technological Center!

At this first meeting, the technology providers as well as the representatives of the health sector had the opportunity to get to know each other and have free discussions on the topic of improving the digitalization of the medical system, through the digitalization solutions offered by Romsoft and Expertware.

What needs were identified during the discussions?

  • A better knowledge degree of digitization.
  • Engaging with a number of technology solution providers to better understand how different solutions can simplify/ease current business. 
  • Testing the solutions – in the case of GLS1, testing the solutions of the 2 providers present, Expertware and Romsoft.
  • Having awareness of various funding sources, but also with people who can provide curated information on the specifics and needs of medical service providers.

What advantages do you benefit from if you participate in the Health Working Group?

  • The opportunity to meet and collaborate with other representatives of private organizations providing services in the medical field, but also with technology providers specialized in this field, active within the EDIH-DIZ ecosystem.
  • The possibility to transform the ideas and needs specific to the activity in the medical field into concrete collaborations and projects, with impact at the regional level.
  • The possibility to identify the right sources of financing and development projects.

EDIH-DIZ supports companies in the North-East region, in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors, as well as public organizations that provide healthcare services, to improve their business/manufacturing processes, products or services that use digital technologies by:

  • providing access to technical expertise and testing, as well as the ability to “test before you invest”
  • providing innovation services, such as advice on accessing funding sources, training, and skills development, which are essential for successful digital transformation.
  • supporting businesses in the use of digital technologies for sustainability and circularity, addressing different sustainability themes.