EDIH DIZ & Raisis Software partnership

We are happy to announce the Digital Innovation Zone & Raisis Software partnership, as well as the presentation of an internal Raisis product, dedicated to car dealers in Romania: RaisisAutoCRM.

Raisis Software is a company whose main activities are consultancy and professional software development services, as well as the implementation of solutions related to the digital presence of companies in the online environment.

We offer specialist consultancy for the optimization / digitization of internal processes and operational flows of companies.

We also have in our portfolio a series of software products (SaaS, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, WMS, SFA) developed for our clients, at all business stages: From Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to solutions Enterprise.

We are ISO27001, ISO9001 certified and strictly comply with EU and GDPR regulations.

• We offer IT services starting in 2019.

• Company size: small and medium enterprises, 10-50 employees.

• Target customers: SMEs, Investment funds, Start-ups.

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