The first Health Innovation Zone Workshop

Digital Innovation Zone in collaboration with EIT Health, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași and University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr.T.Popa successfully organized the first Health Innovation Zone workshop of the pre-validation program for innovative solutions in health.

The participants formulated their ideas using the design thinking methodology, with the support of partners from the Romanian Interaction Lab, led by Ciprian Amaritei. In addition, they were inspired by the perspective and experience of Fortech colleagues who have already validated technology solutions in the healthcare field.

Health Innovation Zone program teams

The Floracare team presented a revolutionary application for
monitoring vaginal health, providing women with valuable information and simple
management of vaginal condition based on pH measurement.

The MindUp team presented an advanced hand prosthesis, using state-of-the-art technologies to improve mobility and functionality of the upper limbs, giving people with disabilities greater independence in daily activities.

MicroVision develops specialized devices to detect and neutralize bacteria in wounds, helping to prevent infection and accelerate healing in a clean and safe environment.

Minodora is developing an innovative application for monitoring the vital parameters of premature babies, offering doctors and parents constant monitoring and rapid intervention in critical situations for the survival and healthy development of babies.

EzyMem develops an application for managing the time of use of medical equipment in hospitals, simplifying the process of scheduling and using equipment and optimizing resource management and coordination of medical activities.

MEDTECH is creating an innovative device for the delivery of drugs to people with memory problems, ensuring the correct and timely administration of drugs and helping to maintain health and avoid potential complications.

AGIL is developing a software application for monitoring vital
parameters based on a specialized device, providing healthcare professionals with valuable real-time information about patients’ vital signs, facilitating diagnosis and treatment.

Brain Power presented an innovative technology for processing electric brain wave signals, opening perspectives in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions by understanding and interpreting brain activity.

BioMED VR develops VR systems for the training of medical personnel, providing a realistic experience and a deep understanding of practical problems through the virtual environment.

Fractal + Plus creates an integrated telemonitoring and assistance solution for patients with heart failure, providing continuous monitoring and prompt assistance, helping to improve patients’ quality of life.

VITALIS is developing a home healthcare device using environmental sensors and voice commands to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and adhere to their treatment plan.






TremorSense is developing an innovative IoT glove for the early
detection of tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease, providing an early
approach to the diagnosis and monitoring of the disease.