Call for digitization solution providers for public health institutions

Digital Innovation Zone is conducting a needs analysis to support a number of public health institutions with specific computerization solutions, within the measure PNRR I3.3 Information systems in public health units, with an application deadline of August 2023.

In the situation where the solution providers registered in the supplier catalog curated by Digital Innovation Zone can offer at least one of the computerization solutions described below, we invite you to send us an Expression of Interest at the email address by 20.07.2023, in order to take in analyzing your solution and to get back to you with more requests for technical information as we move forward with the needs analysis.

We believe that the experience and expertise of Digital Innovation Zone members and partners can contribute to the creation of a coherent portfolio of solutions that respond to a real need in the market that is insufficiently covered.

At the same time, we want to promote the collaboration between our members in this way, as a preamble to larger projects. Priority in this collaborative process will be the members of the hub, followed by the organizations with solutions registered in the curated catalog of providers of the Digital Innovation Zone.

Cable infrastructure works
Supply, installation, configuration of network equipment (eg switches, routers, access points)
WiFi coverage solution design services
Develop policies and security plan
Supply, installation, configuration of data backup equipment/solutions
Centralized network equipment management solutions
Provision of network servers / data storage equipment
Supply, installation and configuration of cyber security equipment and solutions (eg: firewall, IDS, IPS, malware detection, email security, endpoint security)
Provision of training services – best practices and risks regarding cyber security
Supply, installation and maintenance services of air conditioning solutions for data centers
Supply, installation and maintenance services of power supply solutions / gensets / UPS for data centers
Centralized endpoint management solutions and/or endpoint security solutions with centralized management of rules and policies
Remote administration services