Digital Innovation Zone present as a partner at HIMSS Eurasia conference

Digital Innovation Zone is invited to participate as a partner in the prestigious HIMSS Eurasia International Conference! As a global leader in health innovation, HIMSS is setting the stage for groundbreaking discussions and collaborations, shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.

What is HIMSS?

For those still unfamiliar, HIMSS stands for the Society for Healthcare Information and Management Systems – a global hub for events and conferences focused on healthcare innovation.

Why is it important to us?

The association of our hub with HIMSS Eurasia marks a crucial step in our evolution and also contributes to the growth of our community. We open our doors to a vast network of healthcare professionals and leaders, with the opportunity to contribute and learn from the revolutionary exchange of ideas.

Our colleague, Cristina Baghiu, will share valuable perspectives in a panel dedicated to the topic “How can a healthy human-centered life ecosystem be developed with the help of digital technologies?”. This engaging discussion will take place on 24 November 2023, between 11.30-12.45, in the Great Hall.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this special event!

More details about the conference can be found HERE.