How clusters can grow and become sustainable using digital transformation

Our colleague, Adelina-Elena Ezariu, participated in the training “How can clusters grow and become sustainable by using digital transformation?”, organized by FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas).

How did the event go?

Day 1: Vision and Mission in the Meta World of MEDIC NEST Cluster

The first day of the event captured the attention of the participants with a special focus on the vision and mission of the MEDIC NEST Meta Cluster for precision medicine.

In the second part of the day, the discussions revolved around the EU MDR and IVDR regulations, providing a unique opportunity to get to know the NoBoCap (Notified Body Increased Cpacity) community better. Intensive interaction with this community has opened up new perspectives on how digital transformation can contribute to compliance and process efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Day 2: The Impact of Digital Transformation in the Health Sector

The second day brought experts from ICS-FORTH who shared exciting insights on digital transformation in the healthcare sector. From the impact of high-performance computing to the innovations brought about by emerging technologies, the discussions shed light on the future directions of the healthcare sector in the digital age.

Day 3: Building Strategy in the Digital Age of Clusters

The last day was dedicated to the fundamentals of a cluster and the use of canvases for strategy building. Participants were encouraged to explore digital tools and modern methodologies to guide their clusters toward long-term sustainability and growth.

The event provided an unparalleled platform to connect the Digital Innovation Zone with representatives of entities such as Biocat- BioRegion of CataloniaROHEALTHHellenic Digital Health Cluster. Intense interactions and exchange of ideas created a solid collaborative network for future innovators.

We thank the consortium MEDIC NEST – Imago-Mol ClusterMEDVIAHellenic BioclusterCluster SIVI, Leon Research for the opportunity to participate in this exceptional training. Their contributions have brought immense value to our development in an ever-changing digital environment.

In conclusion, participating in this training was not only a learning opportunity, but also a decisive step towards a sustainable digital transformation in the medical field.