August Newsletter

Digital Innovation Zone Objectives

■ Audits to determine Digital Maturity

■ Technology demonstration activities

■ Digital transformation programs

1000 people will be able to participate in:

■ Training for the development of digital culture and skills

■ Digitalization radar

■ 6-month Digital Innovation programs

6 dedicated technology calls:

■ Digital innovation experts (CTO-as-a-service)

■ Technology partners from the EDIH network and other networks

■ Beneficiaries of DIZ services

Access to funding through:

■ Funding platform, Workshops for accessing grants/investments. Business plan preparation workshops.

Digitalization for SMEs

Support services for identifying digitalization needs, including technical solutions.

Digital Innovation Zone is launching SME digitalization by offering a package of support services for identifying digitalization needs. From creating feasibility studies to technical audits and providing digitalization support services. Learn more about our special service package to help you successfully apply for the North-East Regional Program, and we invite you to discuss the digital future of your company!

Subsidized Service Package: Digitalization Support

We can offer a subsidized service package in the form of state aid to a limited number of SMEs in the North-East Region that meet our eligibility criteria for accessing innovation and digitalization support services.

#NEdigitalizăm Webinar – August 24, 2023

Digital Innovation Zone supports the World Bank’s #NEdigitalizam project and the North-East Regional Development Agency by organizing the “#NEdigitalizăm: Knowledge and Support Tools” webinar. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Information about the “Digital Transformation of SMEs aimed at increasing digital intensity” call, funded by the North-East Regional Program 2021-2027.
  • About the #NEdigitalizam tool developed in partnership with the World Bank, which can enroll you in the funding race.
  • The role of Digital Innovation Zone in this pilot project.

What sets this webinar apart from other similar initiatives is the opportunity to complete the #NEdigitalizăm questionnaire live and for free, with the support of the organizers, and to ask questions on the spot.

All you need to do is register for free at this link, bring all your curiosities and questions about the Regional Program call, Digital Innovation Zone services, or the #NEdigitalizăm campaign, and have some financial data from your company to complete the questionnaire (2022 financial statements).

We’ll see you on August 24 at 2:00 PM on Zoom.

You can find the event agenda in the registration link.

#NEdigitalizăm Webinar with Cristina Baghiu – September 1, 2023

The Organization of Women Entrepreneurs of UGIR (OFA UGIR) is honored to organize, in partnership with the Digital Innovation Zone Association, a new thematic webinar titled #NEdigitalizam.

You will learn directly from the team of the only European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in the North-East region what digitalization means for an SME and how you can find feasible digital solutions for your business.

We explore the digital future of SMEs in the #NEdigitalizam webinar.

We invite you to take the first step towards the digital transformation of your company by participating in the webinar and completing the digitalization level assessment questionnaire from which you start. You will also learn how a digital feasibility study can help you access funding for your digitalization needs.

Debate Coordinator: Cristina Baghiu

  • President of the Digital Innovation Zone Association,
  • Coordinator of the European Digital Innovation Center,
  • European expert in innovation, health, business models, and HR agility.

Complete the participation form and confirm your place in the session.

Digital Innovation Zone is the only European Digital Innovation Hub in the North-East region of Romania. It was created in 2019, at the initiative of the North-East Regional Development Agency, universities, clusters, and several private companies in the technology and digital marketing field in the region.

They provide expertise, solutions, programs, and professionals to support the digital transformation and innovation of SMEs and public hospitals. More details about their activities can be found here.

Iași Belgian Business Days – Business Support Portal – September 13-14, 2023

BEROCC (Belgium-Luxembourg-Romania-Moldova Chamber of Commerce) and the ESG Employers’ Council of Romania, together with the Iași City Hall, the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs of UGIR, and Digital Innovation Zone, are pleased to invite you to the “Iași Belgian Business Days,” a business event that will take place on September 13-14, 2023, in Iași. This event is designed to support businesses by providing opportunities for expansion and creating new connections.

Why should you participate? Iași Belgian Business Days is a business event that offers a wide range of activities designed to unlock opportunities and stimulate growth in the business landscape. The comprehensive agenda includes visits to local companies, a B2B meeting marathon, and a networking drink. This event offers you the key to expanding your professional network and creating lasting partnerships.

For many entrepreneurs and business professionals, finding the right connections and establishing partnerships can be a challenge. But Iasi Belgian Business Days eliminates these challenges by bringing together industry leaders, innovative companies, and ambitious individuals under one roof. At this event, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, potential clients, and industry influencers who can become valuable partners in your business journey.

One of the main benefits of attending Iasi Belgian Business Days is the significant expansion of your professional network. In just two days, you will have the opportunity to talk to elite professionals, meet potential clients, and connect with industry leaders. This event allows you to exchange ideas, share experiences and build partnerships that will strengthen your brand and bring you long-term success.

In addition to networking opportunities, Iasi Belgian Business Days offers other remarkable features and benefits. Visits to local companies will give you unique industry insights, and the B2B Meetings Marathon will provide a platform for negotiations and collaborations that can drive innovation and growth. In addition, Networking Drink provides you with a relaxed but productive environment in which to build lasting relationships.

Key features of Iasi Belgian Business Days:

Visits to local companies: gain unique industry insights through exclusive visits to companies such as Motexco, BMT, Capra Noastra, and Misavan.

B2B Meetings Marathon: connect with potential partners and customers to explore new business opportunities.

Networking Drink: build lasting relationships in a casual and professional setting.

Event registration is essential to secure your place at this prestigious event. Tickets for each day of activities are available at great prices. Early registration is recommended as places are limited.

The second edition of ˝The Public-Private Sector Forum

Digital Innovation Zone participated in the second edition of ˝The Public-Private Sector Forum˝, a major international event in the IT&C field, which took place in Cluj, during UNTOLD.

PPSF 2023 brings together, on the one hand, representatives of national legislatures from European countries that draft IT&C legislation and, on the other, relevant private companies in the technology area, out of the need to create a common working and dialogue platform.

Parliamentarians, ministers, ambassadors from 16 countries, together with representatives of more than 200 companies and representatives of the 7 Romanian EDIHs were present in Cluj.

The overall theme of this year’s Forum is “A Global Agenda for The Digital Future”.

Discussions took place during the round table discussions on the topics of digital transformation, policies and financial solutions for future skills inclusion.

We thank our colleagues Ms. Lidia Betoaea and Mr. Contu Sergiu for their contribution to the event as moderator and rapporteur from Digital Innovation Zone.

How to access funding for digitisation. Pilot project dedicated to SMEs in the North-East Region

The World Bank, in partnership with the North-East Regional Development Agency, with the support of Digital Innovation Zone is implementing a pilot project dedicated to SMEs in the North-East Region that want to increase their competitiveness by adopting digital solutions.

Tool dedicated to the assessment of SMEs digital maturity

In this pilot project, SMEs will complete an online questionnaire, assess their digital maturity and needs by answering a few questions, and will receive, in the first phase, customized reports provided by the World Bank, on the level of digitization of each participating company, including in comparison with other firms in the North-East of Romania participating in the survey.

By completing this questionnaire, companies will be able to apply for a grant of up to €100,000 from the North-East Regional Programme 2021-2027, the ˝Digital Transformation of SMEs geared towards increasing digital intensity” open call.

#NEdigitalizam caravan comes to your city!

Digital Innovation Zone in partnership with the North-East Regional Development Agency, as the local EEN contact point, is organizing 3 information events in the region that we invite you to attend.

The timetable for the 3 events is:

Suceava, 29 August 2023, 11:00 – 14:00 at the Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry, located at 15-17 University Street;

– Bacau, 31 August 2023, 11.00 – 14.00 at the headquarters of the University “Vasile Alecsandri” of Bacau (Corp D, ground floor, room 11), located in Calea Mărășești, no. 157;

Iași, 14 September 2023, 11:00-14:00, at the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management (TEX 1) of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, located at 53 Dimitrie Mangeron Street.

Registration can be done by clicking here.

Explore digital opportunities with #NEdigitalize! Fill in the data needed to assess your digital maturity and needs in a customized report provided by the World Bank, including in comparison with other companies in the North-East of Romania participating in the survey, by scanning the QR code below.