Legal aspects of interest for companies during the crisis

In times of crisis we need even more clarity on the legal issues that influence our decisions and actions.

We invite you, together with Tudor Stanciu, Andrada Persu and Paul Babus, legal experts with rich experience at national and international level, to a discussion that answers the most burning topics of this period.

Implementation of more relevant measures for SMEs from the normative acts issued during this period;
Moving activities online from the perspective of personal data processing;
Adaptation of contracts with customers / suppliers
Prepare questions and come and discuss them together, Thursday, April 9 at 17:00. Registration is done here:…/aspecte-legale-de-interes…

Tudor is the co-founder of Digital 2 Law, a modern and largely virtual law firm, through which it offers legal advice to entrepreneurs and companies that develop tech products.

Andrada is a lawyer in Cluj and has an activity focused on the corporate area, the law of private life and commercial agreements. As a member of the Digital 2 Law team, an important direction of interest and expertise for Andrada is the legal challenges in the digital and technology industry. focuses on clients in Cluj.

Paul is a lawyer in Bucharest and a member of the Digital 2 Law team. He has a double education, being a graduate of Law but also Informatics, and as a result he is very involved in technology industries where he offers legal assistance in all aspects related to data protection, intellectual property, internet law, emerging technologies, marketing, products, corporate, commercial and others.