How does digitization help you in times of crisis?

How do you know that digitization can solve a real problem that your business has?
What efficiency opportunities does an automation solution offer you?
How and who can help you on this route?
What kind of specialists do you need, where do you start and, most importantly, is it worth investing in?
All of these are frequently asked questions that will be answered in the “Digital Stories with Real Entrepreneurs” webinar series.
Thursday, April 2 at 16:30, we hear and see online with Ramona Moncea Vinca, Executive Manager at Vinca Marble Granite Natural stone, the largest importer of marble, granite, travertine and natural stone in Moldova, and Mircea Taune , CEO Sigma App Dev.
We will talk about:
‣ The benefits of digitalisation in the current crisis situation
‣ The challenges encountered in implementing a digitization process;
‣ Steps A to Z;
‣ Benefits in the present situation and long-term opportunities;
If you have questions for us, we answer them with pleasure and interest.