DIZ as an impact builder

As an Impact Builder, Digital Innovation Zone is on a mission to help deeptech startups reach their full potential. The X2.0 project represents a significant opportunity that aligns with our vision to lead the digital transformation within the European Union. At the core of Project X2.0 is a firm commitment to deliver customized, industry-focused growth programs tailored to the unique needs of deeptech startups. This principle reflects our desire and belief in the potential of personalized support to drive growth and innovation. With our expertise and resources, we are ready to partner with startups to help them successfully navigate the complexities of the scaling process and bring their transformative technologies to market.

About the x2.0 project

One of the important aspects of Project X2.0 is its focus on closing the gap between innovative and less innovative ecosystems. As Impact Builders, we recognize the value of fostering collaboration and connectivity across ecosystems. By facilitating cross-border partnerships and knowledge sharing, we are not just building bridges; but we also create the foundation for sustainable growth and development. At the Digital Innovation Zone, we understand the vital importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation. That’s why we support initiatives like Project X2.0, which is committed to providing support for women-led SMEs and ensuring equal opportunities for all. By empowering startups from scaling countries and promoting inclusion within the deeptech ecosystem, we help create a more vibrant and resilient innovation landscape.

The Impact Builder plays a crucial role in the project and has the following responsibilities:

  1. act as a key facilitator working closely with applicants;
  2. designs and executes together with the beneficiary customized development programs;
  3. supervises the implementation of programs;
  4. ensures that key performance indicators are met;
  5. find solutions to the challenges that arise along the way;
  6. monitor and report progress regularly;
  7. provide valuable information and guidance to support the success of the startups involved;
  8. evaluates the effectiveness of the services provided;
  9. foster a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and growth.

We are dedicated to using our expertise and resources to support startups through our support services at every stage of their journey.