Webinar: 100.000€ for Digital Twin technology

Do you need equipment for your factory? Do you want to implement the latest technology but lack the funds? We have the solution: non-reimbursable funding through Change2Twin of up to 100.000 EURO.

What you can do with the money:

  • Full technical assessment from a certified IHR;
  • Up to three solutions to implement a Digital Twin technology;
  • Media exposure and networking opportunities.

Who can apply:

Micro-enterprises, SMEs and mid-sized companies in the manufacturing segment.

Click here to register for the event: https://cutt.ly/hzms1P1

More details on funding and technology:

Change2Twin is a European project funded by the European Commission, which aims primarily at implementing new technologies on the manufacturing sector. The project is addressed to companies: micro enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs and mid-caps) whose main activity (main caen) is “manufacturing/manufacturing”.

By implementing Digital Twin technology, your company has the opportunity to start or continue the process of digitization of the company, a process that leads to increased competitiveness in relation to other competitors in the market. Another purpose of this technology is to increase the interoperability of processes within your company. This gives better and more efficient control over production, decreases waste, and increases productivity. Basically, it creates a cross-platform ecosystem where the components of each (e.g. diagnostics, logistics, monitoring) work together.

What do we offer?
In collaboration with one of the local Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) certified hubs, Change2Twin offers you an individual solution tailored to your company’s own needs, a solution ready for implementation.

The first call worth €10,000 (Assessment Voucher) will close on 29 March 2021.

We invite you online on 16 March at 14.00 to find out concretely how you can access this cascading grant of up to 100.000 EURO and in which practical applications you can implement Digital Twin technology.