CELTIC-NEXT: next generation communications for a digital society

Celtic-Next is launching a call for proposals for bottom-up projects covering all areas of ICT. In detail, the CELTIC-NEXT research elements are set out in CELTIC-NEXT – Scope and research areas.

Topics currently on the ICT agenda are, for example, The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Privacy and Security, 5G + and verticals such as Smart Transport, Smart Industry, Smart Health and Smart Cities.

Participation is open to companies of all sizes, universities, and research organizations.

By participating in the call for CELTIC-NEXT projects, you can benefit from:

  • access to national funding for research and development;
  • an international network of companies, including key players in the industry;
  • guidance, coaching and monitoring of your project by the CELTIC-NEXT office.

⏰ Deadline for submission of applications: April 12, 2021.

Apply here!