OpenStack Cloud Platform

Test before invest

OpenStack Cloud Platform for developing Cloud applications and services

TUIASI has implemented an institutional cloud system within the project “Collaborative environment for the development of OpenStack-based cloud architectures with applications in CDI” in the TUIASI Data Center, as well as a lab at the research of cloud technologies in the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation.

The overall objective is to support and develop scientific competitiveness faster and position the university as a regional CDI centre of excellence, using a technical solution that concentrates computing power in a small space, reducing storage and cooling requirements. This solution interconnected servers via high-speed connections, providing the computing power, memory and storage capacity for the cloud platform to operate seamlessly.

The TUIASI team was trained by instructors with extensive experience in OpenStack Cloud infrastructures, and the knowledge gained was leveraged in the implementation of the TUIASI Cloud platform and will be used to support Research – Development – Innovation processes by facilitating the use of Cloud and Big Data technologies in conjunction with specific technologies across the engineering sciences and beyond.

Field of Application

Solutions for digitizing, increasing reliability, and ensuring redundancy of software applications and services for technology infrastructures and beyond.

TUIASI Cloud contains hardware resources, services and OpenStack components that can be used both in the lab environment and in a real scenario, in the OpenStack platform deployed in the Data Center of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iași:

  • Research lab for cloud technologies with 21 workstations, each of them being a standalone OpenStack platform for the development of applications and services before migrating them to the test environment;
  • Hardware infrastructure with 1392 virtual processors, 8 TB ram memory and 1500 TB raw storage space;
  • Graphics processing infrastructure for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, with NVIDIA A100 graphics processors totaling over 5000 tensor cores and over 80000 CUDA cores;
  • Network infrastructure and SDN controllers interconnecting servers via 100GB/s redundant connections, and 400GB/s backbone output.


The TUIASI Cloud has all the necessary resources to be used as a platform for developing and testing prototype applications and services coming from the enterprise environment.