CHANGE2TWIN First Assessment Voucher Results

The first CHANGE2TWIN Assessment Voucher, to which SMEs wishing to improve their competitiveness through the implementation of Digital Twinning technology were invited to apply, is now closed.

Here are the results:

➡Of the 54 companies that applied, 7 are from Romania, and 5 applied through us.

➡Of the total of 38 certified Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe, 21 have been included in the application process, including us.

➡Of the 54 companies that applied, 22 were accepted, including 3 from Romania.

➡All 3 accepted companies applied through us. They are NordArin, Carpatis and Safesteel and will participate in the assessment necessary for the implementation of the project.

Do not hesitate to contact us to identify together the opportunities you can apply to with your company!