NEW DIZ PARTNER: Fortech Products

Fortech Products is a Venture Studio that innovates the medical and manufacturing industries through digitization. Develop, launch and scale digital solutions and start-ups to solve the most pressing problems by partnering with industry specialists or founders. For this, I provide them with dedicated technical teams with specific industry expertise, product development strategies and processes, business management and scaling expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, a wide network of specialists and the possibility of funding for start-up scaling- the

The objectives of the partnership

The partnership with the Digital Innovation Zone gives us a channel through which we can more easily reach those who want and need digitization, whether it’s hospitals, factories, small companies, early stage founders or talented students who want to transform their ideas or studies into scalable products and start-ups. Because our business model consists in helping others to digitize their activity, we want them to know that they also have this option, to work with us. Although the Venture Studio concept is still not very popular in Romania, it is a very beneficial option for them, considering that we provide the expertise, development and cover most of the costs, as long as they have the vision, desire and dedication to consult us and to collaborate with us in developing solutions.

How will companies and public hospitals in the North East region benefit from this partnership?

They will have at their disposal digital solutions built specifically for the needs of the medical field, developed together with specialists, in a transparent context and aligned with their digitalization objectives. This context accelerates both the development and implementation of solutions, and we are convinced that through this partnership we will see faster and more efficient adoption.

While most of our target audience is aware that digitization is the solution, they don’t know where to start, what to start with, or don’t have the resources, money and time to start the process and see it through successfully. Basically, we are their partner in digitization and we fill the gap they have, whether it’s teams to deal with product development, product development processes and strategies, business expertise or the capital needed to invest in digitization .

The solutions developed by Fortech Products for the health field will be accessible to public environments both for testing, use and validation and feedback, with us being with the beneficiaries in all processes.