New DIZ partner: Heaven Solutions

We are happy to announce the partnership between Digital Innovation Zone and Heaven Solutions, a collaboration that brings innovative IT solutions to a changing business environment. Heaven Solutions is recognized as a reliable partner for its clients, offering innovative and high-quality IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The Heaven Solutions team consists of innovative and experienced IT and business professionals who have acquired solid expertise through obtaining Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees along with relevant international certifications. The company’s philosophy focuses on people and developing long-term relationships, and this is reflected in their professional approach and the quality of the services they provide.

A concrete example of the innovative solutions developed by Heaven Solutions is the collaboration with a client in the field of dentistry. This client developed a revolutionary medical application that allows doctors and technicians to scan and 3D model various items. However, with the passage of time, the technologies used in the application became outdated and performance issues arose.

Aware of the importance of a functional and performing application in the medical industry, our client was looking for a reliable partner with experience in the field to support them in solving their application’s performance issues. Heaven Solutions stepped into this context, using its expertise and experience to improve the performance of the medical application.

After carefully analyzing the application and identifying the main areas of poor performance, our team developed a detailed action plan. Among the problems identified were inefficient memory usage, excessive CPU usage, and slow triangulation algorithms. With our methodological approach and using the latest IT technologies and practices, we were able to propose concrete solutions and implement the necessary changes to fix the problems.

The end result was an improved medical application with increased performance and an improved user experience for end customers. Thanks to the close collaboration between Digital Innovation Zone and Heaven Solutions, our client got the solution he was looking for, which would meet the demands of the market in an innovative and efficient way.