New DIZ partner: ICONIC Cluster

Founded in 2012, ICONIC Cluster represents a group of companies, economic actors and institutions located in geographical proximity, which have reached a sufficient scale to develop expertise, services, resources, suppliers and specialized skills. Their mission is to transform the North-East region into a major hub of creative industries, with a particular focus on the IT&C sector. By harnessing creativity and intensive use of new technologies, ICONIC Cluster aims to contribute to economic development and improve the quality of life of its members. This article aims to present the cluster, its goals and how it contributes to the development of the local community.

Creating a network of supporting companies and organizations:

The main vision of the founders of ICONIC Cluster was to create a network of companies and supporting organizations that would contribute to the transformation of the North-East region into an important hub of creative industries, especially the IT&C sector. To achieve this, the cluster aimed to capitalize on creativity and new technologies, based on the intensive use of knowledge, and provided support for entrepreneurial initiatives, encouraging innovation and connecting to the global market. Through this network, ICONIC Cluster members had the opportunity to collaborate and share their experiences and knowledge, thus creating an environment conducive to innovation and business development.

The benefits offered by ICONIC Cluster:

One of the main objectives of the ICONIC Cluster is to increase the competitiveness and dynamics of its partners. The cluster facilitates the exchange of know-how between its members, while promoting cooperation between companies and institutions. This constant exchange of information and resources strengthens the competitive advantages of ICONIC Cluster members and helps them adapt to new trends and challenges in the industry. In addition, the cluster provides access to specialized resources and high-quality suppliers, thus contributing to increasing the efficiency and quality of services provided by its members.

Another benefit of joining the ICONIC Cluster is the support given in the development and promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives. Through mentoring programs and dedicated events.