June Newsletter

The first consultation call for the selection of SMEs that will benefit from digitalization support services

Digital Innovation Zone EDIH launched, in consultation, the conditions of the first call through which SMEs in the North-East Region can access the support services for digitization, offered by the only European digital innovation hub in North-East Romania. 

The consultation guide can be accessed here, for suggestions you can write to comunitate@digital-innovation.zone.

CTO as a service

Starting this year, DIZ has built a national network of experts in innovation and digitization (software developers, technology specialists, engineers, web developers, cybersecurity experts, IT audit and other important figures in the tech field).

The CTO as a service concept gives DIZ service users access to a wide network of digitization experts. More details about this service here.

Public consultation on the applicant’s guide “Digital transformation of SMEs aimed at increasing digital intensity” offered by the North-East Regional Development Agency

The Management Authority for the North-East Regional Program 2021-2027 launched on June 26, 2023, in public consultation, the Applicant’s Guide “Digital transformation of SMEs aimed at increasing digital intensity – Pilot Call in partnership with the World Bank, “A region more digitized”.

The public consultation period is 15 working days from the date of launch, until July 17, 2023.

Through this pilot call, developed in partnership with the World Bank, the digital transformation of SMEs in the North-East Region is aimed at through investments to support the use of digital tools, equipment and services. The consultation guide can be downloaded from here,and for comments and/or proposals, please use the interface here which gives you the possibility to formulate your comments directly on the documents.

The #WEdigitalize campaign of the World Bank together with ADR NE

The North-East Development Agency developed in collaboration with the experts of the World Bank, London Business School and The University of Texas at Austin, with the support of the Digital Innovation Zone, the NEdigitalizam program with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the North-Eastern Region of Romania in the digitization process. By means of a questionnaire, we want to assess the current level of digitization of your business and identify specific needs. Participating in this program will provide a clearer picture of the areas in which you can improve efficiency and competitiveness by adopting digital technologies. We look forward to receiving the results and providing you with the necessary support for the digital transformation of your business.
Complete the questionnaire here and evaluate the degree of digitization of your enterprise!

DIZ becomes a Technology Facilitator within the SILEO Eurocluster

The SILEO project brings together 7 clusters from 5 different countries, with a total budget of 1.4 million euros, of which 75% is intended for lighting and furniture SMEs. It employs partners from 5 countries: Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Romania.

The mission of the SILEO Eurocluster is to support SMEs in identifying key suppliers and diversifying the supply chain, to fully understand and capture the potential benefits of advanced technologies, digitization of processes and business models, as well as to implement concrete financial support for knowledge building, technology adoption and partnership between lighting or furniture SMEs and technology enablers and providers.

Who are the new DIZ partners?

The Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) is pleased to announce new technology partnerships. We are excited to partner with prestigious vendors who bring significant value to our innovation ecosystem. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Heaven Solutions, Fortech Products, Continental, Factory4.0 and Iconic Cluster.

HeavenSolutions will support us with state-of-the-art software development solutions, while Fortech Products will bring their expertise in developing and implementing innovative technology solutions. Continental will bring their expertise in automotive technology and smart mobility. Factory4.0 will enhance efforts in Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing solutions, while Iconic Cluster will bring knowledge and resources in the field of blockchain technology.

Through these strategic partnerships, the Digital Innovation Zone strengthens itself as an innovation platform that capitalizes on cutting-edge technologies. We will continue to drive growth, support entrepreneurs and foster innovation in a dynamic technology environment.

Pitch Day Health Innovation Zone @Launch Campus

Pitch Day Health Innovation Zone @Launch Campus was an engaging and energizing event that brought together 15 teams of young innovators. The purpose of this event was to select and integrate these teams into the Health Innovation Zone program, a revolutionary initiative to pre-validate innovative solutions in the field of health. Pitch Day was the culmination of the selection process, where teams pitched their ideas to a panel of health and entrepreneurship experts. The most promising teams have been selected to enter the Health Innovation Zone program, where they will receive resources and specialized support to develop and implement innovative healthcare solutions. The ultimate goal of the program is to create innovative solutions that significantly improve the medical industry and the quality of life of patients.

Digital innovation and DIHs in support of Bosnian and Herzegovinian SMEs

The event in Sarajevo represented a favorable framework for continuing the dialogue about digital innovation and sharing the positive experiences of IHLs from different regions, including Romania. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in digital innovation and to understand the essential aspects of digital transformation. If you want to know more about the event, click here.

Launch Conference of the European Digital Innovation Hub for Society: eDIH4Society

On May 25, 2023, Cluj-Napoca hosted the launch conference of the European Digital Innovation Hub for Society: eDIH4Society. This event brought together participants from diverse backgrounds, including academia, research, business and the entire innovation ecosystem. More information – in this article.