EDIH-DIZ and DIH of Moldova, together for 3 years

We live in times of fantastic dynamics, where digitization is no longer a nice to have but a must-have. In addition to the other benefits, digitization brings us together, closer, and more in touch with each other.

This is also the case with our friends and collaborators in the Republic of Moldova, who set up the first Digital Innovation Hub, DIH of Moldova, with the support and in collaboration with experts from Digital Innovation Zone.

Thus, our colleague Lidia Bețoaea, an expert in the development of digital innovation ecosystems, participated last week, for the third consecutive year, in the Digital Transformation Days Forum, organized by ACETI (Association for the Development of Electronic Communications and Innovative Technologies), the coordinator of DIH of Moldova.

In all these 3 years, DIH of Moldova has developed along the lines of a European hub, offered by the Digital Innovation Zone:

  • Built an ecosystem with all the key elements: SMEs on the one hand, representatives of the IT industry and Universities that provide the technology, with testing facilities, on the other hand and last but not least, representatives of public authorities that support the digital transformation process through measures and funds and are also applicants for digital solutions,
  • The process of mapping and assessing the digitization needs of Moldovan companies has started,
  • Assisted companies in the process of accessing appropriate funding for the identified digitization need.

We can say that the journey of the digital innovation hub in the Republic of Moldova, has been accelerated and is further supported by Digital Innovation Zone because DIZ is committed to providing support and developing long-term partnerships with the Republic of Moldova, offering from the knowledge and capabilities it possesses, to capitalize on opportunities that lead to the development of both countries.

˝DIZ does not provide consultancy, it does not make project deliverables, and it does not tick indicators! DIZ supports the development of regions, companies, institutions, and, most importantly, people! For sustainable results, partnerships are two-way, based on shared principles and values, where the ultimate goal is to make a better world! This can be seen in all our actions underlined Lidia Bețoaea, Head of One Stop Shop Office in the North-East RDA, in the interview given during the ESENȚIAL TV show on TV NORD, Republic of Moldova.