Including the application for PR North-East Digital Transformation of SMEs focused on increasing digital intensity.
We can offer a subsidized service package in the form of state aid to a limited number of SMEs in the North-East Region that meet our eligibility criteria for accessing innovation and digitalization support services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • SME with registered office in the North-East region, authorized in the fields of Production and Health, activity subject to the digitalization project;
  • Minimum of 5 employees;
  • Minimum value of the digitalization project: 50,000 EUR;
  • Not in difficulty or in other situations that prevent the receipt of state aid.

What is the mandatory minimum package?

  • Analysis of the initial digital maturity level, at the middle of the collaboration period, and at the end (technical audit);
  • Digital feasibility study, including at least 1 digitalization solution;
  • Digital resource report (supplier market study);
  • Digital skills training for employees and managers, specific to the field, for a minimum of 3 participants from the company;
  • 1 workshop of your choice (from access to funding or technology testing domains).

How do you obtain this service?

  • Submit an expression of interest and documentation for eligibility verification.
  • Signing a state aid contract for innovation and digitalization support services with Digital Innovation Zone EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub), represented by “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of IaČ™i and the Digital Innovation Zone Association.
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