Webinar with Cristina Baghiu: #NEdigitalizam

The Organization of Women Entrepreneurs from UGIR (OFA UGIR) has the special honor of organizing, in partnership with the Digital Innovation Zone Association, a new thematic webinar, entitled #WEdigitalize.

You will learn directly from the team of the only EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) in the North-East region what digitization means for an SME and how you can find out which digital solutions are feasible for your business.

We explore the digital future of SMEs at the #NEdigitalizam webinar.

We invite you to take the first step towards the digital transformation of your company.

Join us at the webinar and fill out the questionnaire live and find out your company’s level of digitalization. You will also learn how a digital feasibility study can help you access funding for your digitization needs.

Debate coordinator: Cristina Baghiu.

  • Coordinator of the European Center for Digital Innovation,
  • President of the Digital Innovation Zone NGO,
  • European expert in innovation, health, business models, and agility for HR.

Complete the following participation form and confirm your place in the session.

Digital Innovation Zone is the only European Digital Innovation Hub in the North-East region of Romania. It was created in 2019, at the initiative of the Northeast Regional Development Agency, universities, clusters, and several private companies in the field of technology & digital marketing in the region.

They support, with expertise, solutions, programs, and professionals, the digital transformation and innovation of SMEs and public hospitals.

More details about her activity can be found here: