The second 5G laboratory in Romania, available as a test platform for prototype applications within DIZ

The new 5G laboratory inaugurated within TUIASI will work in a complementary way with the one in Bucharest, but a good part of its activity will be focused on the research and development of solutions for the transport and mobility of the future. Thus, Continental Iași and Orange Romania are working on the development of a solution for intelligent intersections that will increase road safety and lay the foundations for autonomous driving.

The telecommunications architecture available in the Orange 5G laboratory in Iasi will open new opportunities for businesses in the Moldova region, will contribute to the regional economy and accelerate the digitalization of several economic sectors with the help of 5G, such as: automotive and autonomous cars, smart cities, transport and logistics, e-health, cyber security, green technology, etc.

“This collaboration with the local and national economic ecosystem has a triple role. First of all, the transformation of the ideas of TUIASI researchers and students into innovation is accelerated. Secondly, the laboratory is open to the local innovation community, being able to act as a testing platform for prototype applications from the entrepreneurial environment. Then, the infrastructure in the laboratory will provide consistent application support for educational activities in the area of cutting-edge technologies, such as 5G connectivity, IoT, distributed signal processing or artificial intelligence” – stressed the university professor. Dr. Eng. Simona Caraiman, TUIASI vice-chancellor