Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers

The Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers is an open innovation initiative transforming healthcare efficiency and delivery by matching start-up solutions with healthcare ecosystem players challenges to establish pilot alliances and build sustainable long-term partnerships. 

It is a unique opportunity to harness to power of collaboration to improve healthcare efficiency and delivery. Meet the right team at the right time. No equity. No IP involvement. No bureaucracy. No long theory-based training. Instead: customized individual meetings to explore partnerships for each challenge.  

Our core partner “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași has launched the challenge for the incorporated companies with a product or technology that addresses the challenges released (at least, a prototype of the solution should exist, there are no further specific requirements in terms of Technology Readiness Level (TLR), sales, minimum investment attracted, or country of registration) European and non-European SMEs are invited to apply at the project „Digital companion to Improve Patient Experience in the Continuum of Care in Romania”. 

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DIZ Role 

We encourage the SMEs from our region to participate by disseminating the information related to this call on our Social Media channels and here on our website.

Apply  here until 16 April 2023 if you are an SME that can provide a solution!

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