Preparatory actions for the “AI-on-demand” platform

The central aim of the Pre-PAI platform is to provide a comprehensive concept to provide active and trusted AI on the platform, supporting the European position in the field of trusted AI and promoting “Made in Europe” AI. The project will also ensure the connection of the AI-on-demand platform with important DIGITAL Europe initiatives, such as TEFs and EDIHs, from a technical and governance point of view. The connection of the platform with the relevant elements of the DIGITAL infrastructure, including Cloud/Edge/HPC resources and data spaces, will also be carried out.

Pre-PAI has a clear focus on meeting the needs of industrial and productive users as well as European industry as a whole. The project also addresses public administration requirements by providing guidelines and a map of AI tools for procurement processes. A crucial aspect of the Pre-PAI is the creation of a concept and a plan for ensuring the sustainability of the platform, including business perspectives and values. Thus, the aim is to develop a reliable, sustainable and user-oriented platform for European industry and society.

The Pre-PAI Consortium is composed of 22 partners from 11 European countries and benefits from an extensive network of AI and digitization initiatives in Europe. This comprehensive and collaborative approach ensures that the project results will be achieved in a short time, benefiting from the diverse and complementary expertise of the partner organizations.