OFA UGIR National Conference – The Impact of Economic Trends

On September 29th, OFA UGIR is organizing its 11th national conference titled “Romania’s Economy: Where Is It Heading? How is the private entrepreneurial environment influenced by European and national economic developments?”. The hosts will be expecting as many attendees as possible starting at 09:30 AM at the Mandachi Hotel & Spa in Suceava to discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise in the path of business development in Romania.

The event will provide an exceptional platform to explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities that come in the way of business development in Romania.

The current economic context is a complex and dynamic one, with significant changes that can directly impact companies. Through this conference, they aim to offer a comprehensive perspective on macro and microeconomic developments, especially in the European and national context, and discuss appropriate strategies for successful business development in the future.

Key topics that will be addressed during the conference include:

  1. Analysis of the European and national economic context: Understanding current economic changes and trends for making informed decisions.
  2. Impact on businesses: How economic changes reflect in the performance and profitability of companies.
  3. Strategies and tools for entrepreneurs’ success: Discussions and recommendations on optimal approaches to tackle challenges and leverage opportunities in the current business environment.

For more details about this event, you can find them here.

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