DIZ brings health innovation to Launch HealthTech

In the second edition of the How To Web conference, Launch HealthTech, the Digital Innovation Zone presents itself in force with three teams participating in the Health Innovation Zone program.

About the conference

The story of How to Web began in early 2009, at a time when the IT industry was focused on outsourcing activities, while the few people and companies working on their own technology products at the time were disconnected and had no access to learning and socializing opportunities.

Year by year, we’ve helped companies shift their focus from outsourcing to innovation, we’ve learned to differentiate and innovate, and we’ve grown together, fueled by the power of an ever-stronger, interconnected community.

Launch HealthTech is a How to Web event, a community-led movement that empowers the region’s startup, innovation, product, and other tech communities to create ecosystem events – all in the How to Web #builder mindset

With over 2,500 people eager to connect, learn, and discover the region’s startup and innovation community, the How to Web Side Events are a great opportunity for all parties to come together.

Launch HealthTech event agenda

۰ 13.00-14.00 Networking

۰ 14.00-14.20 Keynote I: Empowering Patients & Clinical Research Through Data – Maya Zlatanova, CEO TrialHub & FindMeCure (followed by Q&A)

۰ 14.20-14.45 Panel I: Nurturing Healthy Investor-Startup Relationship – Elina Halatcheva, Managing Partner BrightCap VC & Stephen Burke, Co-Founder & CEO Kardi AI (Moderator Elena Vrabie, Country Lead The Recursive)

۰ 14.45-15.15 Demo Day HIZ by DIZ: How To Turn Your Idea From Abstract To Prototype – Ciprian Amariței, Design Thinking Facilitator Health Innovation Zone by Digital Innovation Zone (DEMO 1 – Minodora, DEMO 2 – EzyMEM, DEMO 3 – TremorSence)

۰ 15.15-15.40 Panel II: Bridging Collaborative Growth in Central & Eastern Europe – Marta Mrozowicz, Investment Manager Heal Capital & Jan Vichr, Co-Founder Folk & Lucian Paraschiv, Founder MedStarter Hub (Moderator Elena Vrabie, Country Lead The Recursive)

۰ 15.40-16.00 Keynote II: Founder Mindset – From Zero To $11M Hero – Sebastian Gabor, Co-Founder & CEO Digitail & Ruxandra Pui, Co-Founder & CPO Digitail (followed by Q&A)

۰ 16.00-16.30 Networking

Health Innovation Zone ( HIZ by DIZ ) is the first pre-validation program for innovative solutions in the field of health that provides access to experts in the field, mentors, testing facilities and fast track to the international ecosystem. The program aims to achieve several objectives of impact (innovation impact, economic impact, and social impact), in close accordance with the EIT Health action plan and the impact objectives of the EIT Health DRIVE project, on the basis of which it was developed in the period 2022-2023.

Health Innovation Zone teams

The Digital Innovation Zone is presenting at this conference with three outstanding teams from the Health Innovation Zone program. These teams were selected for their significant contributions to the development of innovative healthcare solutions.


Develops an innovative IoT glove for early detection of tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease, providing an early approach to diagnosis and monitoring.


They are developing an application for managing the time of use of medical equipment in hospitals, simplifying the process of scheduling and using equipment, and optimizing resource management and coordination of medical activities.


Developing an innovative application for monitoring the vital parameters of premature babies, providing doctors and parents with constant monitoring and rapid intervention in critical situations for the survival and healthy development of babies.