EIT Health Drive Project

The EIT Health DRIVE training program is designed to stimulate support activities for healthcare startups in regions with modest and moderate innovation capacity as defined by the European Innovation Scoreboard. Health and life sciences start-ups need specific support to bring an idea to market due to the unique characteristics of the industry, such as the challenging and ever-changing regulatory environment, clinical validation and complex network of stakeholders. Under the EIT Health DRIVE 2022 training programme, EIT Health InnoStars supported organizations whose mission is to provide support to health and life sciences entrepreneurs in the regions covered by the EIT Health RIS on how to set up and manage sustainable tailored support programs environment and regional needs. The overall ambition is to boost support activities for high-quality healthcare startups in Central-Eastern and Southern Europe.

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The role of the Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ)

Through this project, the Digital Innovation Zone wants to create a bridge between technology providers and healthcare providers and also find an efficient way to conduct technology transfer from universities to industry. A series of activities were proposed such as: inspiration sessions, workshops and bootcamps. All the mentioned activities aim to connect academia and industry to create connections that should lead to the creation of startup ideas and teams that are able to implement them with the support of hub partners.

Project duration: 08.2022 – TBA

What results do we aim to have?

  • 3 projects that will have access to the financing of additional EDIH services;
  • Experience of technology transfer from Universities to teams;
  • Attracting 1-2 corporate/medtech/pharma partners.

Success stories

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