Promoting innovation through DRIVE Program: EIT Health InnoStars

The Digital Innovation Zone is part of the DRIVE program initiated by EIT Health InnoStars together with five other organizations.

EIT Health is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union. EIT Health InnoStars brings together 23 core partners and associates from progressive regions in European countries where the overall pace of innovation is still moderate. We promote healthcare innovation through competitions, education, support for start-ups, conferences, and many other activities.

The DRIVE program involved designing support programs for health and life science start-ups in each member’s region.

The models of digital innovation ecosystems, presented in the program, from Spain, Portugal, Holland, Great Britain, and Hungary, gave us inspiration and practical solutions about what we need to do to build a complete and complex innovation ecosystem in medicine, with all the necessary elements.

The unique characteristics of the healthcare and life sciences industry, such as the complicated and ever-changing regulatory environment, clinical validation, and complex network of stakeholders, present a challenge in bringing innovative solutions to market.

By participating in the DRIVE-EITHealth program, the Digital Innovation Hub was looking for strategic solutions adapted to the specifics of the region.

EDIH Digital Innovation Zone is part of the EIT Health Drive program also in 2023. The implementation of the EIT Health DRIVE 2023 initiation support program is the continuation of the EIT Health DRIVE 2022 training program and is intended for organizations that have completed the preliminary training. The aim of the EIT Health DRIVE 2023 is to facilitate the realization of the best projects from the support programs for health start-ups. In 2023, we will collaborate with the traditional partners of the digital innovation hub, the Iasi University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Iasi Technical University, to create a Health Innovation Zone, a virtual digital innovation zone in the field of health, for students and start-ups from the two universities.