DIZ, present at the Igniting DIH Collaboration conference

On May 11, hub coordinator Cristina Baghiu, together with Ana Ciobanu, represented the Digital Innovation Zone at the conference on the agenda: Igniting DIH Collaboration within the BOWI Project.

From Malgorzata Nikowska, representative of the European Commission, they learned about the digitalization and innovation opportunities that we can bring to our region through the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network.

The role of Digital Innovation Zone EDIH is to act as an enabler of the European digitalization and innovation ecosystem in support of SMEs, technology providers and public institutions in our region. 

About the BOWI Project.

This project is aligned with the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative which aims to boost the adoption of innovation in Europe by expanding and transferring knowledge between different regions and digital innovation hubs.

The objective of the project is to support collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe to increase their capacity to support SMEs with digital technologies and thus strengthen the regional economy and the competitiveness of European SMEs.

There will be several calls for technology transfer experiments for manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps and a call for the development of digital innovation centers to join these experiments. During these experiments, funding will be distributed and the best cooperation options will be exploited for the two hubs that can later form a basis for the BOWI network – the European Community of Digitalization Stakeholders.

Who can join our community?

  • Established digital innovation hubs from digitally developed (mature) regions;
  • Emerging digital innovation hubs from currently developing regions;
  • Manufacturing companies that offer advanced digital solutions;
  • Manufacturing companies that utilize digital solutions in their production processes;
  • Investment agencies and private investors looking for new business opportunities in the field;
  • Regional development agencies and policy makers searching for new collaboration opportunities and best practices;
  • Everyone interested in advanced digital solutions and industry trends.