We are part of the international network DIH2

As of June 2022, the Digital Innovation Zone has become part of the international network of hubs active in robotics and agile manufacturing, called DIH2.

We believe in the power of advanced technologies, such as robotics, in transforming SMEs in the region into agile and competitive organizations. So, after attending the International Robotics Convention in Bratislava in October 2022, we are coming back with a number of technology contacts and partnerships. These will best support SMEs in the North-East region of Romania, in the manufacturing sector, in automating their facilities by introducing: robots, robots, and automated factories.

The convention I attended was aimed at the current European funding calls in the field of Robotics for Industry, the formulation of the EU strategy for the next European funding calls, and the definition of services for the network members.

What’s next?

  • We will bring to our region a tool to understand the needs of companies active in the manufacturing sector who want to robotize and automate their factories.
  • We will prepare a local robotics event for 2023.
  • We invite SMEs interested in automation as well as suppliers of robotics, automation and coding technologies to join our Digital Innovation Zone network.

Join the Digital Innovation Zone Hub and together we will bring a change in the North-East region of Romania!