The Digitalization Impulse in Industry 4.0: The Digital Innovation Zone Experience at the FACTORY 4.0 conference

At a time when the industry is changing rapidly, adapting to new technologies and requirements is essential.

At the national Industry 4.0 conferencefrom Romania, our colleagues, Mrs. Cristina Baghiu, president of the Digital Innovation Zone Association and Mr. Cătălin Dosoftei, conf. univ. Dr. at Universitatea Tehnică Gheorghe Asachi din Iași and coordinator of Test Before Invest Manufacturing within the hub, represented the Digital Innovation Zone EDIH.

Mr. Dosoftei gave an interesting presentation on the challenges of digital education for developing the skills needed by SME’s in the manufacturing industry. In a world of continuous technological evolution, it is crucial that the workforce is prepared for change and acquires the necessary skills to quickly adapts to new production paradigms.

On the other hand, Mrs. Cristina Baghiu brought to the fore the topic of financing innovation and digitization in Industry 4.0. With the right resources, SME’s and larger enterprises can accelerate the transition to intelligent and efficient production processes. This funding is vital to ensure the continued development of the industry in a constantly changing environment.

In addition to the representatives of the Digital Innovation Zone, the event was honored by the presence of Mrs. Niki Kousi, EIT Manufacturing East director and Mr. Dan Zaharia, Extind representative, along with other specialists in the field.

Participation in FACTORY 4.0 it was an opportunity for Digital Innovation Zone to connect with the ecosystem of solutions and tech providers for the industry. Along with traditional collaborators such as Factory 4.0 Digital Innovation Hub, Bosch Rexroth, IFM, etc., the Digital Innovation Zone has played a key role in ensuring that the North-East region is represented as an example of best practice in innovation and digitalisation.

The conference highlighted the importance of continuous adaptation to technology and innovation and emphasized the need for adequate funding to support this transition. With technology experts and collaborators, we are ready to tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0 and build a more digital and competitive future for the entire industry.

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