DIH-WORLD project

DIH-World aims to accelerate the adoption of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors, supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets. DIH-World strengthens the capacities of regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), especially in underrepresented regions in Europe.

As intermediaries in the successful digital transformation of local SMEs, DIH-World aims to provide DIHs with access to harmonized tools, well-proven technologies, efficient methodologies, sound knowledge, smart investment sources, diverse training modalities, and generally a vibrant innovation environment.

The ultimate goal is to accelerate the maturation of IHLs and the development of collaborative capacities and to avoid a split of IHLs due to a lack of access to technologies, skills, networks, investments, and infrastructures, with a special focus on underrepresented regions, so that to be able to capitalize and take advantage of the European networks of IHLs, their resources, and facilities for the benefit of local SMEs.

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The role of the Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ)

Our partner in this project is Katty Fashion. The main objective of this project is to create a long-term impact (solving one of the biggest challenges of the textile industry) by reducing the pre-consumption waste of resources (fabrics, accessories, usable materials, utilities, logistics, carbon footprint and time). In this experiment, the responsibilities are shared between us and our partner Katty Fashion. DIZ is responsible for the project management, dissemination, operation, and business model development of DIH, while Katty Fashion is responsible for the technology experiment (KF digital database development and Smart Modeling testing).

Project duration: 10.10.2022 -10. 04.2023

The activities carried out

  • Project management;
  • Development of the DIH business model;
  • Dissemination and exploitation.

Success stories

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