Digital Innovation Zone, a gateway to the digital world

On Thursday, June 4, we meet online. We discuss the reason why we initiated this Digital Innovation Hub in the North-East region of Romania, the needs and challenges in the market and how such an initiative represents an opportunity for retreat, adaptation and growth.
The event will take place online, starting at 2 pm, on Zoom.

14.00: Opening speech, Digital Innovation Zone presentation
‣ Florin Cardasim and Georgiana Dragomir – members of the Digital Innovation Zone
14.15: DIZ – Opportunities and responsibilities in a European, national and regional context
‣ Vasile ASANDEI – General Manager of ADR Nord-Est
‣ Ioan-Marcel BOLOȘ – Minister of European Funds
‣ Sabin SĂRMAȘ – President of the Romanian Digitalization Authority
‣ Gabriela Macoveiu – Director of the Communication, Innovation and External Cooperation Directorate of ADR North-East
14.45: Digital Innovation Hubs – impact and examples of good practice
‣ Bianca Muntean – Coordinator Transylvania DIH, Cluj
‣ Ionut Tata – CEO Iceberg, Brasov
‣ Mădălina Nazare – Head of Collaborative Research and Development @Digital Catapult, UK
15.15: The importance of digitization in a multinational company – examples of success
‣ Mihai Tănase – Head of Digital & CRM Dacia & Renault Romania
15.30: The importance of digitalization in an entrepreneurial company – examples of success
‣ Sorin Oprea – Manager of Assa Construct Consulting SRL
‣ Viorel Cretu – General Manager NordArin
15.45: DIZ – let’s see what’s next!
Digital Innovation Zone is the non-profit initiative of a group of companies in the North-East of Romania that aims to identify and develop digitalization projects with relevant stakeholders such as: universities, public authorities, clusters from different industries, companies software development, digital marketing, research institutes, etc.
The main goal is to provide SMEs with support and access to a wide and diverse network of technological, digital and financing resources for the digitization, automation and delivery of innovative services and products, which would be a competitive advantage in the European market.
What is the advantage of such a hub and why should you be interested?
Digital innovation hubs are a key pillar in the industry’s digitization initiative and are supported by the European Commission. What this means? Access to:
• an ecosystem of innovation and networking opportunities through markets and brokerage activities;
• financing programs dedicated to the digitalization of the industry;
• global partnerships;
• certified methodologies and structured processes for implementing your innovative ideas;
• the latest technologies on the market;
Who are we talking to?
• Potential partners: companies and institutions that want to be part of a global network that provides technological, digital, research, etc. skills needed in the analysis, coordination and implementation of a technological and digital project.
• Small and medium enterprises in the North-East region of Romania that are looking for competitive business, automation and digitalization solutions in order to streamline, grow and develop on the market in which they operate.
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