Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon

It’s time to hack smart health solutions to help Europe recover from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and faster and use the industrial transformation opportunities in a creative way!✨✨


Data 4 Healthy Recovery is a hackathon programme seeking to contribute to a more RESILIENT and INNOVATIVE European industry.  

The hackathon aims to find creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in smart health. The challenges will be linked to various areas, such as health data storage and analytics solutions, connected health devices and applications, unconnected smart health devices and other applications ( augmented/virtual reality, synthetic biology, 3D printing, nanotech), to name a few.

We are still in the process of selecting and fine-tuning the final challenges with the brightest leaders and innovators of the European industry, but here you can find the initial overview of the challenges. 

Personalised predictive medicine⎮Telemedicine⎮Health monitoring and remote care⎮Improved diagnostics ⎮Data-driven health ⎮Medical manufacturing⎮Medicine demand forecasting⎮On-site medical services⎮Safety of medical data ⎮Employee mental health⎮Threat tracing⎮Information filters for public health

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