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about cenit

– Family technology consultancy activities.

– Offers products since 2006.

– Company size: small enterprise, 10-49 employees.

– Target customers: Public institutions, SMEs, large enterprises.

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As a supporting solution in the digitisation process cenit offers:


FastSuite E2

  • Software solution for simulation and programming of industrial robots.


  • Software solutions and applications for product lifecycle management.

Level of technological development

– Mature, market-ready or already marketed solution

Target customers

– Public institutions.

– SMEs.

– Large enterprises.

Processes that can be digitised by the solution

– Production (goods, packaging, maintenance, services).

Economic sectors

– Aeronautics and space, Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment, Manufacture of machinery and equipment, Manufacture of transport equipment, Mobility (including motor vehicles).

Digital solutions

Need help choosing the right solution for your business? We can assess the digital maturity of your business together.

With our tool, we analyse the current level of digital maturity of your company/organisation. Areas of analysis include: digital business strategy, digital readiness, human-centric digitalisation,
data management, automation and sustainable digitisation.